200W Switching Power Supply

Features: High efficiency, high reliability and low cost For AC power supply input global 100% full load and ma
Output Power
Output Voltage
Output Current
Input Voltage
AC100-120V / 200-240V
Hospital,Engineering Project,Electric Lab,LED Lighting
Government Engineering,ISO9001,CE&Rohs,UL
T/T, L/C, Western Union,Paypal,MoneyGram
100000 PCS Per Month
Suitable Packing For Sea / Air Transport
Place of Origin


  • High efficiency, high reliability and low cost
  • For AC power supply input global
  • 100% full load and machine test
  • Protection characteristics: short circuit/overload/pressure
  • PWM control and adjustment
  • Built-in dc electric fan forced air cooling
  • Built-in fan switch control
  • Working frequency 25 KHz
  • Output Voltage Customized: 12/15/18/20/24/28/30/36/40/48/60/70/80/90/100/110/220VDC
model S-200-5 S-200-7.5 S-200-12 S-200-13.5 S-200-15 S-200-24 S-200-27
output Dc output voltage 5V 7.5V 12V 13.5V 15V 24V 27V
Output voltage tolerance ±2% ±2% ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%
Rated output current 40A 26.5A 16.5A 14.7A 13A 8.3A 7.4A
Output current range 0-40A 0-26.5A 0-16.5A 0-14.7A 0-13A 8.3A 0-7.4A
Output power 200W 200W 200W 200W 200W 200W 200W
Ripple and the noise 150mVp-p 150mVp-p 150mVp-p 150mVp-p 150mVp-p 150mVp-p 150mVp-p
Dc voltage adjustable scope -10%,+10% ±10% -10%,+10% -10%,+10% -10%,+10% -10%,+10% -10%,+10%
Start, rise, keep time 200ms,50ms,20ms Loaded with
input Input voltage range 90~132 VAC/180~264VAC 47~63 Hz;The switch choice
Exchange input current 6.5A/115 V 4A/ 230 V
efficiency 74% 76% 76% 79% 78% 81% 82%
Impulse current Cold start current
50A/115V 50A/230V
Leakage current <3.5 mA/240VAC
Protection characteristics Overload protection 105%~135%
Protection way: current limiting, automatic recovery
Overvoltage protection 115%~135%
Protection way: voltage limitation, automatic recovery
Fan on/off control RT3 acuity 55 ℃ fan open more than 45 ℃, wind 80 ℃ quartile organs, the cut off output (5 ~ 7.5 V)
RT3 acuity 65 ℃ and 55 ℃, fan open more than 80 ℃, the authorities: cut off output (12 to 15 V)
RT3 acuity 70 ℃ open more than 60 ℃ fan, wind, 85 ℃ cut off: authorities output (24 to 48 V)
environment Working temperature, humidity -10℃~+60℃;20%~90 %RH
Keep temperature, humidity -20℃~+85℃;10%~95 %RH
Vibrate resistance 10~500Hz,2G 10min./ 1 cycle time, 60 minutes, the axis
security Compression sex Input/output: 1.5 KVAC input and between to KVAC output and the earth: 1.5:0.5 KVAC
Insulation resistance Between the input and output, the input and output, and ground: 100 M / 500 VDC Ohms
standard Safety standards Accord with
EMC standard Drsign refer to FCC Part15 J Conduction Class A
other weight 1.15Kg
packaging 12pcs/14.3Kg/0.93CUFT
note All the parameters in has not specified, all is in 230 VAC voltage input, rated load and 25 ℃ conditions measuring income value. Ripple and noise voltage is in 20 MHz bandwidth oscilloscope take 12 inches twisted pair end with 0.1 mu and 47 u when capacitance measurement. Tolerance is voltage setting error, the voltage adjustment rate and adjust the sum total of the current rate. Specific output current see output drop forehead curve.